Our Core Team

Our core team is made up of passionate people from around the world who desire to make a positive impact in the face of this enormous refugee crisis. 


Meet Erin, Our Founder & Executive Director

Erin has been involved with the refugee crisis since she first saw the lifeless body of Alan Kurdi, the three year old child whose body washed up on shore while trying to reach Greece after fleeing his country with his family. Mother to 3 boys of her own, she immediately sprang to action to help those in need. After spending time in Greece and witnessing first hand the deplorable conditions of hundreds of thousands she came home and begun to get to work. It was here that she realized there was a fundamental gap in providing education to refugee children while they were waiting to be resettled.  This education gap is what propelled her to action. Her passion grew out of a desire to provide refugee children the education tools they need to thrive. Erin is based out of the States with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Minor in Family and Human Development, she now oversees our fundraising and partnerships with organizations worldwide who also believe in the importance of education for vulnerable children. Her passions are her children, PH4K and reading a good book.


Meet Krista, Co-Director

Krista, originally from the Netherlands, is half Dutch and half Greek. She has been working in the refugee crisis since January 2017. Krista begun her stint with Project Hope 4 Kids as a Field Director in Filippiada Refugee Camp in Greece. After a Summer break, she returned to Project Hope 4 Kids as Co-Director and now manages our team and our two projects in Ioannina. Krista was drawn to the refugee crisis because in her words,  "helping others is very important. I feel that refugees, anywhere in the world, are the ones that need help the most. Not being in your own country, surrounded by people you know and love, have the same culture and language... and most of the times while fleeing from war or disaster. I cannot believe how hard that must be. It is therefore that I chose to dedicate my time to work with and for refugees, now and Greece and anywhere else in the future."



Meet Annelotte, Co-Director

Anna also from the Netherlands started with Project Hope 4 Kids in October 2017. She also served as Field Director for our program in Filippiada Refugee Camp. Anna like Krista, oversees our three sites and helps to manage our day to day operations in the field. Anna was passionate about the refugee crisis because, "for me, seeing the smiles on the faces of refugee children who went through so much horror is really why I want to be in Greece and spent as much time with these kids as possible. As a teacher you can listen to the children, provide opportunity for learning and gaining in self-confidence and create a safe environment where there is space for sharing feelings and emotions and also for simply playing together and having great fun together."



Sarah was born and raised in Eastern Canada. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University and worked as a Kinesiologist for 5 years before returning to school. She then completed a Masters of Education in Comparative and International Development of Education from BYU. Her masters project focused on Girls Education in Ghana and the use of non-formal education as an alternative solution for girls to bridge the gender gap. While at college, she helped design and then lead a relief effort called "Wave of Hope" that sent 143 volunteers to Thailand to help rebuild after the 2004 South East Asian Tsunami. Following her experiences in Thailand she went on to help form a 501(c)(3) Empowering Nations whose mission was to empower the poor through education and relief. After her work at Empowering Nations, she went on serve as the director of the Equity Center raising awareness about gender equity in the State of Utah, following the birth of her eldest son she now stays home and uses her gifts and talents to help Project Hope 4 Kids and to also run an incredible organization called Dolls of Hope. Sarah is mother to 5 children and constantly strives through her example to make this world a better place.