A child out of school is not just a tragedy for that child. It makes us all weaker and more vulnerable. This is what hundreds of thousands of children from war torn countries are facing right now, this very day. With no education, there is greater risk for violence, trafficking, recruitment into fighting and to join terror groups, prostitution, and other life threatening often criminal activities. (Source: UNHCR)


Our Mission

It is our mission to deliver non-formal education consisting of English and Mathematics classes to children 3 - 18 years of age. In addition to the children, we also provide English classes for adults.  Next to that, we hold a high regard and belief for the importance of the arts especially in children lives.

With our classes we aim to provide the children a safe environment where they can learn and play, where they do not need to experience feelings of fear and anxiety, but feelings of proudness and achievement. The art and sport workshops we provide, are a place where they can make new friends, and create arts and use their imaginations which can be both healing and extremely educational as well.


“It would take 36,000 school buses to drive every young refugee back to Syria”

— Oxfam

What We've Achieved

  • Provide consistent non-formal education through English, mathematics, art and sport activities to children age 3 - 18 years of age .
  • Serving over 200 children at our three sites in Northern Greece. 
  • Implemented a social skills program that improved and enhanced the childrens' cognitive and behavioral development.
  • Teach English to adults in beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.
  • Provides movie enrichment night to the children on a weekly basis, introducing the love of film to them while increasing their access to the arts.
  • Partnered with "Something in Common" on key children enrichment activities in Filippiada Camp. Enrichment activities consisted of planting a garden in co-operation with TdH, learning the skills of baking, the importance of friendship and learning life long social skills.
  • Partner with key organizations to help chaperone field trips which in turn provide much needed mental health for the children and adults.
  • Helped to collaborate and work with a group of individuals who organized and produced a project funded by ECHO. The project, Storytelling without Borders is a creative and inter-sectoral partnership between six creative arts and humanitarian organizations in Sweden, Greece and Denmark. This project made it possible for refugee children and youth to create original animation videos telling of their journeys from Syria and Afghanistan to Greece.
  • Implemented a children's library in Filippiada Refugee Camp which helps the children foster a love of books and reading.